Daisy Dewsnap: One thriller you simply must see

There might be less on at the big screen but the little screen has some great offerings, as secondary school student Daisy Dewsnap discovers...

The film ‘I See You’ is a suspenseful, riveting story about the aftermath of a young boy’s disappearance. When bizarre and unexplained events start occurring within the household of a detective investigating the case, things take an eerie and sinister turn.

It is fast-moving, gripping and intense. It kept me guessing all the way through and is a must-see for anyone who enjoys thrillers.

There was also lots of suspense and tension (even the slicing of a strawberry made me jump at one particular part because of the build-up which was so well-coordinated).

The film was very cleverly done and, towards the end, there were lots of unexpected twists which made me question everything I had assumed and thought I knew throughout the film and completely changed the way I had initially viewed each character.

I felt that the characters were very well-played and each actor portrayed their role with great depth, yet still leaving room for the audience to infer ideas of their own. 

I found that I was able to easily empathise with each character and was shocked when, towards the end, lots of dark secrets and deceptions were exposed.

I didn’t watch the trailer beforehand so had no knowledge of the storyline prior to watching the film itself. However, since watching the film and the trailer on YouTube, I feel that the trailer does it justice and reveals enough to catch the viewers’ interest and attention.

Overall, I would 100 per cent recommend the film and will definitely be re-watching it sometime soon! If you decide to watch the film, I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did!

Watch it on Netflix now.


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