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  • Despite it All by Madison Alexander-Day Despite it All by Madison Alexander-Day

    Madison Alexander-Day, a retired senior lecturer and first-time author from Glossop, chronicles her childhood experience of being raised by a parent suffering from Munchausen by Proxy and other mental illnesses. Her memoir ‘Despite It All’ takes a ‘through the eyes of a child’ insight into what can be seen as one of the most deceptive and incomprehensible forms of abuse. Following the book's release, our reporter Aru Mukherjee delves deeper into the author’s life, journey, her mum, and family, and the rarely talked about illness – ‘Munchausen by Proxy’ in this poignant conversation. Madison’s husband, Mike, was also in the conversation.

  • The Alex Williams Story The Alex Williams Story

    Our reporter Lewis Connell speaks with ex-Manchester City goalkeeper Alex Williams, and writer Andy Buckley, following the release of Alex's new autobiography titled 'You Saw Me Standing Alone'.

  • ADHD in Women ADHD in Women

    Poppy Smart in conversation with Charley, who was diagnosed with ADHD at age 18. She talks about how ADHD has affected her throughout her life and how it has affected different things and what she does to help.

  • Men's Mental Health Men's Mental Health

    Poppy Smart in conversation with Matt Hartle and Ryan Knight who have just started a men’s mental health support group called LETS (Lets Exercise Talk and Support), in Glossop. Both Matt and Ryan have ADHD and have had serious mental health journeys which have led them to where they are today. A hard but important listen.

  • Prime Active Communities CIC Prime Active Communities CIC

    Poppy Smart in conversation with Mark Turton, talking about Prime Active Communities- a community interest group who work to reduce anti-social behaviour in young people by channelling their energy creatively. Mark explains how PAC works to help young people, what the young people he works with are like and shares his hopes for the future of PAC.

  • Bradley Robinson Bradley Robinson

    Mark Andrews in conversation with Bradley Robinson, talking openly about his Mental Health journey from the point of almost taking his own life to helping hundreds through the power of walking. In what is an emotional listen, Brad talks about how he turned his life around.

  • Ian Curran Ian Curran

    Multidisciplinary author, playwright and actor Ian Curran speaks with Aru Mukherjee about how growing up in Ashton-Under-Lyne has shaped his creative mind, inspirations behind his newly released children’s picture book, ‘The Owl That Could Only Twit’, the upcoming UK tour of his musical ‘Oh What a Night’ and much more.

  • Research for the Future Research for the Future

    Research for the Future is an award-winning, NHS supported campaign that helps people find out about and take part in health and care research. Getting involved in research means you are helping to discover new ways to prevent, diagnose and manage illnesses.


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