Tameside College Covid letters: 'We're all indebted to every single key worker'

English Language students at Tameside College have penned 'Covid letters' to say thank you to key workers. Here's one from adult student Maria Kynigopoulou, a former Judo champion from Greece who has competed in the European Championships and Commonwealth Games.

My name is Maria Kynigopoulou and I am one of those people who, despite the quarantine, every day uses services and facilities as I am a human being and still need to eat, still do orders, and still call the NHS when I need to.  

I still need resources for learning at home, because I have dreams and hope that one day we will be back to normal, and I still want to be sure that everything is clean and disinfected when I have to go to public places.

I am one of those people whose partner is a key worker and, despite the current situation, still has to attend work and risk his and our lives to save someone else’s life. And I am writing this cheerful letter today because I feel a strong need to express my appreciation to all those hidden heroes who protect, save, and take care of our lives every day. I will be very glad to see this letter in the newspaper.

I address this letter to you key operatives! On behalf of all of humanity, I want to say to all of you “Thank you!” Thanks to all of you guys who put yourselves and your families at huge risk! All of you have families, children, parents and grandparents, who might belong to vulnerable groups, despite all of this all of you go to work and do your best to help others. 

Many of you work unsociable shifts and do an incredible job. I want to shout to all of you “Thank you!” To all lorry drivers, delivery drivers, cleaners, supermarket staff, social care workers, teachers, production operatives in factories and every single person, who at this moment, risks his/her life to save someone else’s life, thank you.

We are going through tough times and in these times the world stands united in the fight against this invisible killer.

Nevertheless, we are the world, and some of us have to fight to get our lives back, to save someone’s life, to protect someone who is vulnerable, to help others stay strong, to beat this killer. This pandemic is a war, a Third World War. But this war is between humanity and the virus. We have to give battle to the enemy which can infest everyone’s house and you guys are the soldiers on the frontline. Everyone is in debt to every single key worker on this planet. And I know we will win, humanity will win because we have you.

Maria Kynigopoulou


We are publishing a selection of ‘Covid Diaries’ and thank you letters to key workers, all outlining what life has been like throughout lockdown. They have been penned by students at Tameside College, written as part of their GCSE English language course. They provide a fascinating reflection on life these past few months throughout the pandemic, are both personal and moving, some uplifting, some tragic, all reflecting on times now familiar to us all. You can also read them all on pages 24 to 27 of the 16 July edition of the Tameside Reporter, which you can read online for free by clicking here


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