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Childhood trauma survivor chronicles his journey in a heart-touching narrative

“With a glimmer of hope, survival is possible, even against all odds” - First-time author Terence Flanagan chronicles his journey through a difficult childhood, living with disability and homelessness and beyond in his memoir, Footprints I Leave Behind – Walking Away From The Past.

“Born into a turbulent household in Derbyshire, my life has been unsettling, oscillating between fleeting moments of happiness and overwhelming darkness. My story is a candid reflection on a childhood marred by neglect and abuse…From navigating a traumatic upbringing and a narcissistic mother to enduring homelessness, all while living with a disability,” Terence writes in his book.

“Writing this book helped me release all my negative emotions. I hope I don’t carry them with me anymore.”

Terence, lovingly known as Terry, has been under the care of Janice Hogg, mental health facilitator and project manager of Making A Difference Tameside charity, for the last seven years.

“Terry was isolated when he came to us seven years back. Then he started to come regularly once a week. Part of my job is to coach people socially and emotionally. So, we chatted, and Terry loved to cook, so he cooked and baked cakes.

“Over the years, Terry has really progressed as we have known him. Socially, he’s no longer isolated.

“Recently, Terry contacted us and said he would want to write a book. So, we sat together weekly, going through all his life stories and struggles,” Janice said.

The lucidly written book makes for an engaging read, but easy reading it is not.

In Terry’s own words: “Misunderstanding often breeds fear, which in turn either evokes anger or pity.”

Through his book, he hopes his memoir serves as a lifeline and helps people empathise with those who are marginalised and misunderstood in society. He wishes to convey to his readers that “even in your darkest moments, you are not alone.”

Making A Difference - Tameside is a registered mental health charity based in Tameside. It provides long-term opportunities for people struggling with mental health problems to rebuild their lives and improve social integration. 

*The book, Footprints I Leave Behind, is available to purchase from Amazon UK.

**Making A Difference - Tameside can be reached by phone: 0161 343 2736 or 07419 295873 (Janice Hogg) and email: making.a.difference.tameside@gmail.com




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