Woman gives back as volunteers made such a difference with her mum

Left, Erin Bennet and Right, mum Hazel Reed.

After Erin’s mum was cared for at Dr Kershaw’s, back in 2018, she signed up to volunteer at the Hospice to make a difference to others as the volunteers did for her mum.

While Erin Bennett’s mum, Hazel Reed, was cared for at Dr Kershaw’s, the staff and volunteers worked tremendously hard to ensure their experience of the hospice was enjoyable, allowing them to spend precious time together creating special memories that will stay with her forever.

Three years on during National Volunteers’ Week (1-7 June), which celebrates the contribution of millions across the UK who give up their time to volunteer with organisations who need their support.

Erin will start her first volunteering shift at the hospice on the morning tea trolley, hoping to give the same support back to other patients and families that her mum had.

She says, “When mum was cared for at the hospice, the volunteers were fantastic. Each volunteer would give up their time to talk to us and they made being at the hospice feel more normal.

“The volunteers made a real difference to each day, and we would really look forward to them coming around. They always went the extra mile, offering family members refreshments too as well as mum.”

This is just one of the many families who have been impacted by the incredible volunteers at Dr Kershaw’s. Staff at the hospice have so much appreciation for all that the volunteers contribute.

The hospice’s volunteers clocked up an incredible 18,458 hours in 2020, despite the pandemic bringing on the closure of many key services that volunteers would normally support.

Joanne Sloan, CEO of Dr Kershaw’s has spoken on how grateful she is for the help of volunteers.

“We can’t thank our volunteers enough for their ongoing support and wonderful contribution to Dr Kershaw’s Hospice.

“During such a challenging year it has been both inspiring and reassuring to know we have such a strong, dedicated team of volunteers on board,” she said.

There are a number of roles available for volunteers at Dr Kershaw’s and if you think you have a skill that you could bring, or if you just want to find out more about volunteering, you can contact the Volunteer Team on 0161 624 2727 or volunteerdept@drkh.org.uk

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