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Tory candidate cleared of electoral fraud

High Peak’s Tory candidate has spoken out after police cleared him following claims of electoral fraud.

Robert Largan put out a social media post at the weekend under the slogan ‘Labour for Largan’ in red, a colour widely associated with the Labour party.

He also posted in Reform UK colours with the words ‘Reform for Robert’.

Tory central office defended the posts saying they carried the necessary imprints required under electoral law.

A spokesman for Derbyshire Police said: “We received a number of messages reporting concerns in relation to promotional material issued by a prospective candidate standing for a political party in the forthcoming UK General Election.

“Specialist detectives have now reviewed these reports and the electronic material, which includes the required imprint, saying who promoted the material and who the material was published on behalf of.

“Having assessed the electronic material, Derbyshire Constabulary confirm that no criminal offences have been committed and no further action is necessary.”

The imprint confirming Mr Largan is a Conservative candidate is in small type at the bottom of the post.

Mr Largan said: “I’m proud of the fact that some local Labour voters and Reform voters are switching to support me, based on my local record of delivery.

“It’s disappointing when some people waste police time with spurious complaints and publish false statements about me. 

“I invite those who have been so quick to attack and smear me to consider showing some grace and now publish clarifications and apologise.”

Mr Largan’s spokesman said today: “As Mr Largan’s social media posts and website make abundantly clear, large numbers of traditional Labour voters have been contacting him to tell him they plan to vote for him, despite him being a Conservative candidate.

“The same goes for Reform supporters. This is because of Mr Largan’s strong record of delivery in the High Peak. Therefore, supporters clubs of traditional Labour and Reform voters have been set up, to allow people to tell Mr Largan that they’re supporting him. These are called Labour for Largan and Reform for Robert. Such supporters clubs are not a new phenomenon.

 “It is worth pointing out that all of Mr Largan’s election leaflets clearly state that he is the Conservative Candidate and are in full compliance with electoral law. He is very well known in the High Peak as the local Conservative Candidate.

“His name will appear on the ballot paper as the Conservative Candidate. Nobody voting in the High Peak could possibly be confused on this point. Those claiming otherwise appear to have a very low opinion of the people of High Peak.”

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