Easter treasure hunt in Hadfield is a resounding success

Lots of fun was had as the communities of Hadfield and Padfield enjoyed a socially-distanced Easter treasure hunt at Bankswood Park.

It was organised by community group Hadfield and Padfield Peoples Entertainment (H.A.P.P.E.) which has seen its Facebook page grow hugely since it began in May last year and a committee was formed back in January. 

The hunt was held on Good Friday, Saturday and Easter Sunday - with over 110 children taking part over the three days. 

Strict time slots of five children per 30 minutes were in place to ensure Covid protocols were adhered to and organisers said it "worked like a dream". 

The children followed the bunny feet and signs to each treasure spot, where they found a sign with a letter on. There were six treasure areas and the children had to unscramble the letters found for the magic word to receive an Easter egg at the end.

A spokesperson for H.A.P.P.E. said: "Everyone followed social distancing and families went staggered on the hunt. Sanitisers and gloves were donated by Ollie Cross and Gillian Cox from Hadfield Coming Together. All treasures were ready wrapped for hygiene. Extra thanks to Ollie for also volunteering on Saturday. 

"We would like to thank everyone mentioned here for their support and helping us bring so many excited children a fun time. Egg donations were from Massey & Sons Basements and Construction, Christine Clarke at Tesco Glossop, Ollie and Gillian at Bellies not Bins and Kathy Ford at Temple Spa. The Bureau had given our community group funding, which bought all the treasure treats and extra Eggs and local company MGFnTFBITZ who kindly purchased our two Easter bunny outfits.

"It was a complete success with so much positive feedback." 

Padfield borough councillor Ollie Cross said the treasure hunt was "very well organised" and the safety measures in place were "second to none". 

He said: "It was really encouraging to hear plenty of positive feedback from parents and dead pleasing to see the children thoroughly enjoy themselves. The Easter Bunnies, Bobsy & Fifi, were extremely popular, and every child got treated to an Easter Egg after they had completed the treasure hunt and figured out the magic word.

"A big thank you to Sandy, Vicki, Ruth, Sophie, Jaimie et al for taking the time to organise this fun-filled community event. Your amazing commitment, hard work and selflessness has helped ensure it has been a resounding success." 

'It was so lovely to give the children some sort of normality' 

Co Chairperson Vicki Howard said there were "smiles all round" and it was "so lovely being able to give the children some sort of normality after the year they have had". 

Co Chairperson Sandy Henderson added: "Our Treasure Hunt took four weeks to plan. With the lockdown restrictions, we had to come up with a plan to uplift our community but at the same time ensure everyone followed social distancing rules.

"I had been advised that Eventbrite would let you book tickets for free events (with no charges from them to create the tickets) so the time consuming plan began.

"I was ‘Bobsy” Bunny. The Bunny outfit was very hot inside, with the lovely weather we were blessed with. I even wore a mask inside it (as did “Fifi” Bunny). All of our team have said the children needed some fun and we are proud to have delivered, following rules and safely." 

Sophie Howard, who volunteered at the hunt, dressed up as Fifi over the three days in order to entertain the children and said it was "just as magical for me as it was for them". 

She added: "This event was really safely put together and I’m very grateful to the organisers for allowing me to be part of this fantastic event." 

Secretary Ruth Holt said she loved the event, the children really enjoyed it and there has been "loads of positive feedback". She added that it was "great to see families out together in the fresh air enjoying the park". 

Treasurer Jaimie Turner said the children "thoroughly enjoyed it as did the H.A.P.P.E team".

She is also asking any local businesses and anyone in the community if they are in a position to donate to the group and say they are always grateful for support towards future events. The team can be contacted via email at happecommunity@gmail.com.

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