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Alex B Cann at the movies: The Beekeeper and more

Derbyshire lad Jason Statham is one of the world's highest earning movie stars, and his new film The Beekeeper is cheerfully undemanding, but brilliant fun.

I saw it in 4DX, meaning you get a good dose of water splashes, prods in the back during fight scenes, and smoke to embellish the action. I made up 50% of the audience on Tuesday afternoon, but gosh I had a lot of fun.

Clay is a man on a mission to right a wrong, after his landlady Eloise is scammed out of her life savings by a dodgy outfit so secretive even the FBI can't track them down. Luckily, a quick phone call to the Beekeepers (a shadowy organisation which Clay is a long-standing member of) locates them, and Statham is soon turning up with a couple of full cans of petrol, and some handy moves with his fists. He then discovers the building is part of a much bigger network, and the more he delves, the murkier it all gets. It's one in the eye for every dodgy scammer who's ever called you up!

The action is unrelenting and bone-crunching, and there are many amusing quotes thrown in for good measure ("I'm a beekeeper. I protect the hive" ; honey, it's flammable...who knew?!"). It doesn't take itself seriously, or try to be high art, and let's be honest here...you don't watch a film like this for a complicated plot. If you just want to switch off your brain for 100 minutes and watch Statham do what he does best,  this is spot on. I was literally buzzing by the end of it! Escapism at its finest.

Also this week, I greatly enjoyed One Life, and Anthony Hopkins deserves praise for his nuanced, subtle portrayal of the humble Sir Nicholas WInton (with Johnny Flynn playing him in the 1930s-set scenes). The reenactment of the That's Life! episode, where the primetime BBC1 show had assembled an audience full of people Winton saved from the Nazis as World War Two broke out, was nothing short of breathtaking. You'll definitely need a tissue or two. A lesson in humanity, particularly amid so much toxic political rhetoric at the moment.

Stronger (2017) is one I caught on Blu-Ray this week, focusing on a true story about a man who lost his legs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, after two terrorist bombs cruelly ripped thorugh the crowd in 2013. Jake Gyllenhaal plays 'ordinary' characters very well, and is totally believable in his portrayal of the frustration and gamut of emotions that Jeff Bauman went through. Not an easy watch at times, but some moments of humour amongst the struggles. Inspiring and ultimately uplifting.

And a word on Ghosted, the first Apple TV film I watched at the start of a three month trial. Don't bother. It goes on for far too long, is far-fetched and over-the-top, and you don't really end up caring if the farmer and CIA operative get together. Save yourself a couple of hours, and go to a Farmer's Market instead.

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