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Midnight Gallery

Band of the week on Tameside Radio's Local Music Spotlight feature are a band who have full intentions of modernising the post punk scene. 'Midnight Gallery' recently headlined Manchester's Club Academy, and have dedicated themselves to crafting an EP

that breathes a fresh, contemporary spirit into the iconic post-punk sound of the 80s. They've earned a formidable reputation through their compelling live performances, growing organically as an independent band by forging industry connections and fostering bonds with fellow artists. Their forthcoming EP, yet to be unveiled, was recorded at Silkmill Studios in April 2023, collaborating with creative producer Andy Gannon from Sony Music and Scruff of the Neck Records.

Having laid the groundwork during the silence of the pandemic, this proved to be a pivotal opportunity to solidify the foundation of their sound and overall sonic identity. Latest single 'Unknown' has a hypnotic bass line with a brisk and droning rhythm, elevated by synthesised guitar sounds and enriched by romantic lead vocals. The band have earned the description among their fans and followers of being 'post... post-punk' for our times, drawing parallels with artists such as Joy Division, Echo and the Bunnymen,

Interpol, and The Horrors. Complementing their music are videos and visuals that encapsulate the somber, working-class, and

industrial landscapes of Greater Manchester, enriched with a mysterious and evocative twist. The band filmed their debut music video in Stockport, weaving a concept around 'Midnight Gallery' that draws creative parallels to a simulated society, and the hardships of modern life. Midnight Gallery recently joined IST IST for a series of sold-out shows, culminating in a headline performance at 33 Oldham Street, Manchester, for the release of their second single and exclusive early access to the EP, which is currently available only through limited edition physical CDs. 

Midnight Gallery will be played on every weekday show on Tameside Radio between 6am and 7pm all of next week. The band also joined the team on The Dave Sweetmore Show last Monday night, you can listen again via the OnDemand section of the website. For more information on Midnight Gallery, the Local Music Spotlight feature, and a link to the official Spotify account which features all bands and artists who have been included so far, visit www.tamesideradio.com

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