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New 5G mast to be installed next to Denton pub

A 20m-high 5G mast could be erected next to a pub in Denton.

The mast, which is said would provide better phone connectivity to the area around Ashton Road, is planned for the footway next to the White House Inn.

Cornerstone is the company behind the application. According to planning documents, there is a specific requirement for a new radio base station at the location to provide the latest 2G, 3G and 4G coverage and capacity in and around Denton – as well as adding 5G service provision.

In its application submitted to Tameside council, Cornerstone has rubbished claims that 5G could impact public health. A planning document detailed that all frequencies used for 5G fall within the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that includes radiation which is classed as non-ionising. 

Non-ionising means that these radio waves do not carry enough energy to directly damage cells. This is different from ‘ionising’ radiation, which is generally considered to be hazardous to humans and includes gamma (nuclear) radiation as well as x-rays.

The plan for the 20m tower and its cabinet equipment at the base forms part of the government’s aim to extend mobile network coverage across the UK and provid uninterrupted mobile signals on all major roads. Whitehall’s ambition is for the majority of the population to have access to a 5G signal by 2027.

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