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Exploring the paranormal with Neil Munnerley

Trance medium and paranormal investigator Neil Munnerley is hosting another paranormal event to fundraise for HOPE Tameside, and he came to us to talk about the paranormal and to discuss its’ place in the modern world.

Ghosts. Orbs. Spirits. Demons. All of these are something that Neil Munnerley, in his long career, has been investigating. There is not much that Neil does not cover, and in our Tameside Talks podcast he talked to us about the multi-faceted world of the paranormal. 

Neil is what is known as a trance medium - this means that by entering a trance, Neil then has access to the spirits and, through them, to knowledge inaccessible in the waking world. This practice is the oldest method of spirit communication and has been associated with seances in the past. Neil has studied this practice for many years and has trained to become an expert in the craft.

Many people out there will now be much more familiar – and also more skeptical of - the paranormal and the idea of spirits, thanks to the many TV shows and movies that have been released that cover the ideas and concepts Neil studies. This Hollywood takes on the paranormal is something that Neil is wary of, as he told us: “it is very hard to prove the reliability with tv shows and movies like this. Without actually being there it is nearly impossible. There are certain groups who might throw a stone and pretend it is real, but it is hard to say what is real.”

The equipment that gets used in paranormal hunting seen on TV shows is usually something that can pick up electric impulses, and this is something Neil brings into question as well, saying: “even the equipment, like the EMP meter that can pick up electromagnetic pulses from when a spirit comes through, is hard to prove it is real on these shows.”

But outside of the shows and cinematics, the paranormal has been something that masses have believed in. This is something that dates back hundreds if not thousands of years and has been a part of cultures all over the world, and the things that were referenced are still things that get talked about today.

Neil gave us an example of this with current paranormal trend, saying “going back hundreds of years in India, there were references to skin walkers. But they are not talked about, as they are meant to bring very bad luck.”

The paranormal world has evidently been a talking point constantly through time, and Neil is aiming to teach and show people exactly why this is during his charity paranormal event. Neil told us that he is holding it “in the aid of HOPE Tameside (Help For Paediatric Epilepsy).”

The group Neil is raising money for is an award-winning charity dedicated to supporting and connecting families and children that have been affected by Epilepsy.

The event is being held on the 9th February at Oaklands Hall in Hyde, and begins at 8:30pm. The price for the event is £15 and all the money raised at the event goes towards HOPE Tameside. Neil will be demonstrating multiple things on the night surrounding the paranormal.

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