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Celebrating the role of our nurses

PROUD TO WORK AT WILLOW WOOD: Sister Caroline Corbett in the gardens of the hospice.

Special thanks are being given to mark International Nurses' Day.

This year, the special day falls today (Thursday 12 May) and Willow Wood Hospice is using the occasion to thank the hospice’s special team for its hard work, dedication, compassion and specialised care.

Sister Caroline Corbett, from the In-Patient Unit, said she was proud of her role at the hospice.

She said: “I’ve been at Willow Wood now for 10 years, and can’t imagine working anywhere else. I’m so proud of my role here, and feel privileged that I’m able to spend that time with our patients and their families.

“Little things can make such a difference in their care. 

“Sharing a walk in our beautiful gardens while speaking of their hopes and wishes for their stay or mouthcare with their favourite (and possibly alcoholic) drink. Little things as I say, but they help create a bond.  

“Getting to know people in this way can help me to answer their questions, to know when they want me there for support. 

“Sometimes just to hold their hand, that can be all they need.

 “Every day is different, every person is different, and we nurse people with a range of different illnesses.  

“We still see predominantly cancers, but end stage dementia, cardio-renal management, neurological disease, pulmonary disease - they all need different skills and can be quite challenging.

“However, our high ratio of staff to patients mean that we are able to give individual care, tailored to their needs. 

“Continuity in care is important as well, with our own patients which makes it easier to spot changes in conditions or emotions and respond accordingly.

“My role has developed over the years, as our care has developed and I’m so excited for the future of the Hospice, and for the care we can continue to provide for our community,” Caroline added.

“I couldn’t care effectively, though, without the support of the rest of the team and that includes our wonderful volunteers too. 

“Everyone at Willow Wood is passionate about the hospice and passionate about our roles.

“I’m proud and privileged to work here, and I’m proud and privileged to care for our patients and their families.”

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