Dog fouling in Greenfield stops play

Management of a Saddleworth football team have appealed to dog owners whose pets are stopping weekend games.

An Uppermill FC official has taken to social media to highlight the problem at Churchill playing fields in Greenfield.

“Each weekend I'm having to walk our pitches to check for dog excrement as the referees are stopping matches when it's found,“ said the spokesperson.

“I'm having to remove more and more from the pitches, with this Saturday10 separate lots of excrement all over the first pitch. Our third pitch wasn't in use on Saturday. 

“I have adults and children playing on these pitches most weekends.

"Can you imagine having someone fall into this during a match, child or adult. It's disgusting and detrimental to health.

“Please can the dog walkers who walk across the pitches remove this when they see their dogs doing it.

"There's no excuse for it. 

“There are bins on the edges of the pitches so you don't even have to carry it far.”


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