Christmas plans in Charlesworth

Charlesworth Parish Council may be in lockdown, but it's getting ready for Christmas.

It has ordered its trees, one for Simmondley Green, another for the centre of Charlesworth. An electrician has also been briefed.

Other news from the council's latest meeting, held over Zoom, includes:

  • The 100-year memorial sign in the churchyard commemorating the parish council is broken, but the council is prepared to spend up to £50 on repairs.
  • As the council cannot  decide what is happening with the adopted Town Lane phone box, it decided to ask villagers what they would like it used for and make a decision in January.
  • A letter is to be sent to neighbours concerning a ‘noise nuisance’ on Long Lane.
  • The council has resolved to pay £700-plus VAT, to investigate the issue of Common Land in the parish.


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