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Alex B Cann at the movies...

I've written before about the joy of finding great 90 minute films, and Migration can definitely be added to that list

The animation is colourful and visually stunning, and it should prove to be the perfect half term treat. The plot reminded me of the inferior Chicken Run sequel which was released on Netflix during the festive season, as ducks migrating for the winter almost get hoodwinked by a 'bird paradise' that turns out to be a ploy to turn them into a tasty dish of duck a l'orange.

The plot contains few surprises, but the Mallard family are fun to spend time with. It's Illumination's first original movie in a while, and it was an added bonus to get a short Moon-based Minions feature before the main event began. Danny DeVito as Uncle Dan is a voice highlight, and whilst some reviews have already called it a 'flightless bird', I thoroughly enjoyed my 90 minutes in the pond, and the skies of New York as the birds tried to escape the chef determined to get them on his stove.

If you're looking for disappointment this week, Baghead should suffice. Having watched the genuinely chilling Talk To Me last year, the premise of this one is spookily similar, as a woman who lives in the walls of the basement of a spooky pub has the ability to transform herself into anyone, provided you give her an item that belonged to them. The catch is that you only have two minutes before things go south and she tries to kill you, or lapses into a demonic force.

I didn't jump more than a couple of times, which is unusual for me, and the plot was holier than a pair of old socks. It wasn't entirely without merit, but felt very low budget, and with questionable acting. Genuinely scary horror films are hard to come by, these days. Watch Talk To Me instead.

Argylle attracted some negative publicity at the premiere, when Cats Protection tweeted their disapproval at the bag being used to carry Alfie, the Scottish fold cat who steals every scene he's in. From the maker of the Kingsmen series, I liked this more than a lot of critics seem to have done, based on its lowly Rotten Tomatoes score. Action nonsense is sometimes what you're in the mood for, and it definitely ticks that box. Bryce Dallas Howard is superb as author Elly Conway, whose books seem to be coming true in real life. The plot is twisty, and there is plenty of fun to be had. Dua Lipa disappears like Houdini early on, and Samuel L Jackson isn't exactly taxed, but Henry Cavill, John Cena, Bryan Cranston and Sam Rockwell all earn their fees.

Finally, Pet Shop Boys Dreamworld was made special by the Parkway Cinema in Barnsley, who remixed its soundtrack after complaints about the concert film's flat sound. What a nostalgia trip, with all the greatest hits performed in Copenhagen to a massive crowd. I've always adored the Pet Shop Boys. West End Girls remains a pop masterpiece.


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