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Queen Elizabeth II: Book of Condolence and Remembrance

We are offering our listeners and readers the opportunity to record their own personal reflections of the Queen and her remarkable life by leaving an entry here in our online Book of Condolence and Remembrance.

If you have memories of meeting the Queen, or the Queen visiting our region, please share with us and we will share them below. 

Please note that by leaving a comment on this page, you consent to your comments being used in our newspapers and radio output.

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Your messages:

RIP to a beautiful unique Queen, you make the country very proud. I have very good memories of coming to London which I'll never forget. Deepest sympathy to the whole of the family. Angels will protect you and now you're at peace with Philip 😢♥️
Nicola Marsland, Dukinfield

R.I.P. Your Majesty. A great lady, a great mother and grandmother, a great monarch, our amazing Queen Xx
Sheila Danson, Stalybridge

Grief and love are sisters, woven together from the beginning. Their kinship reminds us that there is no love that does not contain loss and no loss that is not a reminder of our love. To love is to accept the rites of grief. God bless our beautiful Queen Elizabeth. 
Liza Loughran, Cheshire

Our deepest sympathy to all her family on the passing of our beloved Queen, reunited with the love of her life. Rest easy now, your long service is over xx
Kath and John Clegg, Ashton

The Queen was a remarkable woman who dedicated her life to service, to this country and to the Commonwealth. She will be missed by millions across the globe but fondly remembered. Her spirit, dignity, strength, wisdom and indomitable sense of duty will live on forever through her family, whom my thoughts are with at this difficult time. RIP Your Majesty. God Save The King. 
Adam Higgins, Glossop 

I will always remember her for her utter dedication to duty and our country. Her bright smile and sense of humour always shine through and her incredible work ethic was inspiring. RIP Your Majesty, rest well. Xx
Lisa Brown, Mossley 

Thank you for your lifetime of service to this country Your Majesty, and for your wicked sense of humour. Rest in peace, reunited once again with your beloved husband.
Tracy Lockett, Mossley 

I have only ever known Queen Elizabeth 2nd as our Ruler. I was born in 1950 and my Mum gave me the middle name of Elizabeth in honour of the then Princess Elizabeth. Rest in Peace Your Majesty.
Janette Gerrard, Hyde

Rest in peace your majesty.
Susan Barnes Coverdale, Dukinfield 

God bless our Queen, you were respected in so many ways. Thank you for everything you have done for the countries and realms, be at peace now with your beloved Phillip. 
Kay Harrison, Oldham 

I danced in the street on the day of the Queen’s coronation and sang about her ‘riding in a golden coach’. It is scarcely believable that she has left us. May she rest in peace reunited with her beloved husband.
Joan Stott, Hollingworth

She was my Queen all my life. An inspiration. Always dignified, always strong. Queen Elizabeth the Second the Great.
Adele Hathaway, Canterbury

The memory of the jubilee in June was incredible the footage and pageant was a great memory for me.
Sharon Hall, Mossley

Rest In Peace Your Majesty and thank you for your years of service to us ❤️
Sarah Owen, Ashton 

An amazing Lady with a beautiful smile. Thank you Ma'am for all you did for us. May you be reunited with your beloved husband and may you Rest in Peace.
Jayne Greenall, Derbyshire

With sincere respect, Stand down now our majesty. You have fulfilled your pledge beyond your promise. You have made many generations proud to call you "Our Queen".
Theresa and Sharon McHale, Denton

Rest in Peace dear Queen all my life I have known nothing else thank you for all you have done for us
Kerry Malton, Ashton

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Rest in peace your Majesty Elizabeth the Great. Thank you for your service and devotion to our country. We feel we knew you without knowing you, you came to the throne just a few months before I was born. You were all I knew. God bless you sleep well. LONG LIVE THE KING.
Christopher Billington, Weymouth

May you rest in peace Queen Elizabeth II. You were beautiful through and through 💔 You may now go in peace and Prince Phillip will be waiting for you ❤️🤍💙
Lorraine, Droylsden

There will never be another like Queen Elizabeth II , such a beautiful lady who everyone took strength from. RIP Ma’am now it is time to be with your forever love Phillip
Julie Trickey, Dukinfield

R.I.P Dear Queen. Remarkable lady right got up till the end. Now back with Phillip rest now dear queen 😢😢
Julie Clarke, Glossop

YOUR MAJESTY may u rest in peace and thank u for everything u have done x 💔
Laura Dewsnap, Glossop

Your Majesty, our patron, you are with your lord now. You served us so beautifully these 70 years. My dear departed dad was so proud to be a Queen Scout. We will miss you and Tessa thanks you for finding safe homes for your dogs. Hope Philip is still laughing and joking, we will be at our King's side now just as we were at yours. Rest in peace ma'am and rise in glory. My goddaughter has got this Saturday dated - the day you went to see our lord.
Philip and Jane Rogers and Tessa the dog, Millbrook

The queen has been in my life all of 76 years, she will be very sadly missed. Rest in peace dear sweet lady. 💔💔
Patricia Breakey, Manchester

We are very sad for the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, who with Her grace has accompanied us all our life. We will always remember Her. Rodolfo, Caterina and family. "Sol chi non lascia eredità d'affetti poca gioia ha dell'urna" [cit. Ugo Foscolo]
Rodolfo Biondi, Milan

I will always remember her dedication to our country right until the final days of her life. Her love and compassion for animals resonates with me and shows what a remarkable woman she was. To grow up with a woman at the helm of our country is truly special and she will be dearly missed. Thank you for your service, ma'am.
Lauren France, Hadfield

Our late Queen Elizabeth made a promise to her people on her 21st birthday, she kept that promise to her last breath. Thank you Maam. What a wonderful woman.
Kathleen and Richard Chenery, Bedford 

Rest in peace now Ma’am, your job here is done. You have made our country so very proud. You were a remarkable lady and will be missed so so much. Reunited with your beloved Philip ❤️
Penelope Hevingham-Silcock, Manchester

I just felt that I wanted to say how sad I was to hear the news of this fantastic Queen. I send my condolences to her family. May she now R.I.P.
Hayley Jepson, Droylsden 

Thank you for your service Ma’am. I hope you are with your beloved Philip. Our country will never be the same without you. God bless Your Majesty.
Lesley Whitfield, Derbyshire 

Thankyou Ma’am may you rest in peace xx
Sarah Preger Murphy, Mossley 

Our Beloved Queen, the Matriarch of our Nation, forever loved, forever remembered.
Sandra Wildmanm, Ashton

God Bless you Ma'am may you be with your beloved Phillip you have served us well and beyond till the end. You have been our strength and stay all my life and it will be a different country without you. Be in gods arms and steer our ship from heaven above. You will be missed by all.
Jane Totterdale, Poulton Le Fylde

Deepest sympathies and most heartfelt love to the Royal Family. 
Aaron Robinson, Hyde

Many thanks for your years of loyal service. You faced challenging times and set a precedence for so many women to follow. Strength. Pride. Dignity. Love xx
Louise Whalley, Ashton 

My memories of you will forever be in my heart, you was and will always be a worldwide treasure. There will never be nother like you and my thoughts and prayers go to your family at this sad time. May you forever rest in peace and be at rest with your loved ones xx forever our Queen goodnight and God bless love from all my family xxxx
Kelly Pye, Hyde 

At the age of three, I was lucky enough to have given the Queen flowers when she visited Stalybridge. I still feel honoured and privileged to havd done this. She served her country and Commonwealth and its people well and never faulted in her duty. The world will be a sad place without her in it. Her shining light is now dimmed, but the memories people have will never diminish. I thank you for your service your Majesty. You truly deserve Rest In Peace. God bless you. 
Evelyn Duncuft, Stalybridge

Very friendly and lovely lady. She will be missed everywhere. One of a kind. You can now join Philip and be as one couple again.
David Rist, Weymouth 

Your Majesty, my heart is broken. My only solace is that you have been reunited with your parents, sister and husband. God bless you and rest in peace Elizabeth The Great.
Christine McNeilage, Luton 

My condolences to the Royal Family on the death of their mother and grandmother and great grandmother. She was such an inspiration to everyone. I was born on 21April 1942 on her 16th birthday. My grandmother died on the same day as her father George the 6th died, I was 10 then. Thank you Ma'am for your devotion to your country.
Marjorie Picton, Liverpool 

To the Queen, I just like to say you was the best thing we had for this country. You kept your word that you will do the best for us and I am so glad to have had you as our Queen. I am so sad that you have left us. I will never forget you, it's been so nice to have you as the Queen. Now it's your son as the King, I hope he will follow in your footsteps in keeping us as the greatest country in the world. It's been so lovely to see the UK people come out to see you off to your resting place I will miss you now looking for would seeing the king rip your grace with all my love god bless you xxx
Peter Donald Lock, Chelmsford 

An amazing woman with heart and sole of which she gave all to us 
Spirit and love to all of us  I want to say thank you for always being a light in the sky in times of sorrow and hope  Fearless in everything you have done  You served us now go and rest in piece with all your loved ones  Thank you Anita 💔xx
Anita Walkinshaw, Blackwood 

No sparkle of Royal diamonds could outmatch that twinkle in her eyes when she was amused.. That return of light she gave to us during our dark days will be missed... to my Queen my love x. To my new King my support.
Hugh Charles Calder, Bournemouth 

From our family of three generations of the Armed service, we thank you for your outstanding service. May all your family take comfort in how deeply loved you were. Per Ardva Ad Astra.
Barbara Anne Williamson, Sleaford 

Sincere condolences to all members of the Royal Family.
Barbara Anderton, Mossley 

I was 10 years old attending Rice Lane Primary School in Liverpool. It was a time of rationing. We had all made Union Jacks on cardboard, coloured with crayons and stapled to a rolled paper stick. The whole school lined Rice Lane awaiting the Queen, who had recently been crowned, making a visit to Liverpool. When the cars were in view we all cheered and waved our flags. As the royal car passed me I saw the Queen, she waved to me and smiled and I still believe our eyes met. I later told my mother of how the Queen smiled at me. My Mum smiled at me and said " Yes , she smiled at everyone." That wave and smile has stayed with me to this day. I later realised she had the ability to give her wave and smile to all with great sincerity. But that smile was for me.
Stanley Broderick, London 

Rest in peace now, you have earned your wings so rest with your beloved Philip. Thank you for your service to the country. 
Kathleen Griffin, Dublin 

Thank you for everything. May your Angel wings take you to meet up again with Philip.
Alistair Gibson, Kirkcaldy 

Dear Elizabeth our Queen. Your life of duty is done now. We thank you for your service to the country and its people, you never failed us. You can rest for eternity with your beloved Philip by your side. Loved and missed forever more X 
Nicola Kownacki, Yarmouth

Thank you your Majesty for all your service, as a former soldier it was an honour to serve you and our country, your grace and dignity will always be remembered by me and millions around the world. Go safely ma'am and may the angels carry you onwards.
Niel Buller, Manchester

Rest in peace, our beloved Queen. Condolences to all of your family and thank you for your service.
Carol Bowron, London 

You will be dearly missed, thank you for your service.
Alex Jacobs, London 

I was born in Dukinfield Cheshire 1944, I also remember watching the coronation on TV in the UK before we emigrated to Sth Australia in 1954 for my Fathers work . I have always loved and respected Her Majesty . will miss her dearly.
Sandra Robertson, Victoria Australia

Thank you ma'am. Now its time to kneel. RIP
Janice Paul, Hadfield

70 years of dedication Elizabeth that is some dedication i think you enjoyed. Your smile will all ways be remembered as i have none you all my life its one i wont for get .god bless
William Morse, Debenham

I'll always remember the Queens Silver Jubilee when we had a street party on our grove and we recieved a silver Jubilee coin which I still have, I was 15 at the time and even back then I had utter respect and loved our Queen. I will never forget a stranger in manchester city centre stopping me to say the Queen had died. God bless our Queen long live the King With deepest Sympathy to our Royal Family Lots of Love Julie Price XXX
Julie Price, Ashton-under-Lyne

Seeing her in Kingston,Ontario in 1973
Leonard Neil Hill, Peterborough Ontario

RIP your majesty, reunited with your loving husband. We were privileged to have you as our Queen. You will be sadly missed x
Janet O'Brien, Ashton

You touched the hearts of many. More than the world will know. You led with pride and honour with a smile always on show.Even in the hard times you led our country strong and in the happy times of good we joined you in your song. You may have now departed but your legacy goes on.the country joins together to support your loving son. Good night your majesty thank you for everything you have done for your country and the commonwealth. Love from myself and my family. GOD SAVE THE KING
Stephen Grant, Hyde

Gracious Lady you have earned your rest You leave your nation with 'Loves last gift Remembrance' RIP
Angela Garrett, Manchester 

A wonderful Queen. May she rest in peace.
Roisin Reynolds, Derbyshire

It’s been such an emotional time since we lost our beloved Queen, Our Sovereign, Our influencer. I have 2 little pieces of the Queen which I’m so proud an honoured to have. I was awarded 2 Queens Award recognising the charity work in my Volunteering roles for 2 local charities. I will treasure them forever. 💔
Angie Wild, Stalybridge

My deepest sympathy to all your family on the passing of our beloved Queen, reunited with the love of her life. Rest easy now, your long service is over. We thank you for all you have done and all your love and kindness to have shown the world, we will never forget the history you have given us thank you Ma'am xxxx
Barbara Bass, Emneth Wisbech

Rest in peace your Majesty, Mother of the nation.
John Maxwell, Glasgow

She’s so graceful and timeless. May she Rest In Peace. 
Kelly Scalmo, Auburn

HRH Queen Elizabeth II, Your Majesty. I served as a Sapper with the Royal Australian Engineers under your crown for six years. Thank you for your service. Your duty is done, rest easy. RIP. Condolences to King Charles III and all the extended family. 
Colin Vincent, Bayswater North

I saw your accession in school, followed your life as my family grew up. Now, far beyond three score and ten, I wish you peace to rest by your husband through all eternity, until the day Gabriel blows his horn, when each of us must give account before the Brenin Mawr - I know he will just smile and wave you safe through heaven's gate.
Trevor Walters, Stirling

Thank you for your dedicated service to our country and Commonwealth. You worked so hard for so many years, it is now your turn to rest. RIP our gorgeous Queen, forever in our hearts.
Clare Louise Roberts, Northampton 

The greatest public servant this country has ever had by far. A truly remarkable person who made this country the best in the world. Thank you for everything your Majesty. xxx
Michael David Roberts, Northampton 


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