The 50s and 60s Show

My name is Frank McMahon. In 1966 when I was 18, I was a £10 Pom, I moved to Australia and attended Melbourne University and got a degree in Electronics.

After a few years of travelling, I went to work on the Island of Bougainville in New Guinea. Then to the Omega Oil Rig of Sabah. Later, I went to South Africa to work for Sasal, all for the firm Siemens. Eventually I ended up in Rhodesia, Bulawayo where I did my national service; I was an engineer for the railways. Now at 71, I have three grown up children 3 children and a fantastic granddaughter Daisy.

I am at Tameside Radio as a volunteer with my own programme which focusses on the 50's & 60's and I love every minute of it.

Frank and his granddaughter Daisy.


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