The great lockdown workout on a Droylsden street

Neighbours on one Droylsden street have been looking after each other by keeping fit together every evening.

Residents on Sutton Way take part in a community keep fit class every day, run by resident Kath McCann.

“As a street we wanted to do something together,” Kath explained. “I go to the gym quite regularly and someone suggested doing a keep fit class. So every day, we do exercise outside our front doors.

“We’ve got yoga mats and skipping ropes involved; everybody is doing great.”

Sutton Way residents are also planning to hold a big street party to celebrate the end of the lockdown, whenever that might come and they’ve resurrected an old dance to mark the occasion!

Kath added: “A few years ago, one of the neighbours had a brilliant party and we all did a dance called the Electric Shuffle to the song ‘Candy’ by Cameo. 

“We’ve said that when lockdown is over, we’re going to have a big street party and do that dance again.”

So, at the end of every keep fit session, Sutton Way turns into an outdoor disco, with residents practising the dance.


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