Oldham company helping to produce ventilators for the NHS

An electronics factory based in Oldham is doing its bit in the ongoing coronavirus crisis by helping to create thousands of ventilators for the NHS to use.

SK Electronics Ltd, on Regent Street, is usually a subcontract manufacturer of electrical and electronic equipment. 

But like many other countries across the nation, they have answered the call to aid the battle against Covid-19 by supplying vital equipment to help frontline NHS staff to save people's lives. 

The Oldham company is assisting to make circuit boards for the vital breathing machines which are being used in Intensive Care Units (ICUs) throughout the world. 

Alan Ashton, managing director of SK Electronics Ltd, told us: "We are currently heavily involved in manufacturing ventilators and anaesthetizers for the health industry in the UK and pretty much globally for one of our major customers, as well as other industrial electronics that we build for people like the Highways Agency and local authorities." 

Last week, the company was visited by Oldham Council leader, Cllr Sean Fielding, who had a closer look at the work that SK Electronics Ltd is doing whilst following social distancing protocol. 

Cllr Fielding said: "I am really grateful to Alan and Steve for giving me a tour of their facility in Oldham. It's been really interesting to hear about the manufacturing they do for the healthcare industry, manufacturing circuit boards for ventilators which is obviously really relevant at the present time. 

"Some of the other things that take place right here that I had no idea about are like manufacturing parts for the London Underground. I'll never look at London Underground tube trains the same way again. 

"But again, it's a fantastic example of things being manufactured right here in Oldham that are being exported across the country and internationally as well and making a real difference. It's something that we can really be proud of." 

Watch a video of Cllr Fielding's visit to SK Electronics Ltd at the top of the page. 

Images and video by Nigel Wood


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