TASC Poetry winners announced

Winners of poetry competition revealed

The wonderful winners of the TASC Poetry competition have been revealed - as announced on Tameside Radio earlier this afternoon.

The winner of the school's competition is Bethany Turner, from Stalybridge, a pupil at Longdendale High School, with her thoughtful poem 'When is it time to go home.'

Children and young people at numerous Tameside schools were invited to enter the competition by TASC in association with Quest Media to commemorate this year’s 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day.

A separate competition was also held for adult writers, and the winner of that category is Scott Fellows from Romiley, who is a member of Denton's Black Cats poetry group.

You can read the winning entries below - and a big thank you to all those who entered the competition.



When is it time to go home?

Seventy-five years ago soldiers were questioning

When can I finally say to my family hey

And love you in person and not through a letter

Where can I go a day without a mate

Dying in front of me

When can I feel safe again?

When is it time to go home?


When will the day come

When we will be at home filling our stomachs

With scrumptious pies

Instead of joking around saying

Try and stay alive guys

When is it time to go home?


But now 75 years on we thank

The brave men and women who fought to save our lives

And create our freedom that we possess

We thank all their hard work and determination

To carry on even though

They didn’t know if they were going to make tomorrow of the day after.


They gave their todays for our tomorrows

And people complain at being at school and work and ask

When is it time to go home?

But actually what they should be saying is

I’m here because of those heroes.


Heroes aren’t just the ones of the past

But the ones of the present as well

The ones whose war isn’t over

But only just starting

The ones that are fighting on foreign shores

When will it be time for them to come home?


Today we celebrate with pride and gratefulness

That we can remember each and every one of them.

And from the words of my great granddad (Irvin Peel – REME)

Why should England tremble?

by Bethany Turner

IMPRESSED JUDGES: Bethany with her poem.




He came home at dead of night,

five months of waiting,

full of longing and dread,

aching to hold him.

She couldn’t of course,

a kiss on the forehead

a shiver of cold on her lips

his face perfect, unmarked,

she thought he was asleep,


for a moment.


They sent a bag of stuff,

 tags, photos, cigarettes,

(he’d told her he’d given up)

some crumpled clothes

his smell still on them.

She cried then,

cried for the young man

she’d waved off

full of cheek and backchat,

silent now,

a thing in a box.


Every year there’s a parade

soldiers march, bands play,

she is old now but still sheds a tear,

tears of pride and sorrow

for her Harold,

on VE day.

by Scott Fellows

WINNER: Scott Fellows with a copy of his poem.

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