Tameside College Covid letters: 'Key workers deserve our gratitude'

English Language students at Tameside College have penned 'Covid letters' to say thank you to key workers. Here's one from George Phythian, who shares his gratitude for those who have kept the country going as well as particular praise for the Tameside Reporter and teachers.

Dear local newspaper,

I want to thank you for your service during these unprecedented times.  You are informing the local area on how this situation is affecting our area. The news can be helpful, this is from notifying the public if there is a road closure, volunteering opportunities or the latest news of coronavirus from the daily government briefings.

The National Health Service deserves all of our gratitude, this is because they help and assist victims of this terrible pandemic.

The NHS involves all aspects of our country whether that is social care for our older generation or young children and adults who have disabilities. They are not giving up because of this virus. The NHS are receiving admiration from the public for their determination and courage.

Delivery drivers, supermarket workers, cleaners, and lorry drivers. These people all deserve our gratitude for their help in keeping our country running. These people help supply the food chains to ensure we all get to eat food.

However, many people who have been furloughed cannot afford food or are vulnerable and can’t obtain food.  Charities, such as The Trussell Trust, help stock food banks and deliver food to the many vulnerable people across our population.

Finally, our teachers also deserve some gratitude, this is due to them supplying work and E-Learning to ensure students are still gaining their qualifications and are still keeping their minds active during these times.

All of these aspects of our country all deserve our gratitude. Whether that’s for still working in these uncertain times or whether it’s supplying food chains or looking after victims of this pandemic. I can speak for the whole country. Thank you!

George Phythian

We are publishing a selection of ‘Covid Diaries’ and thank you letters to key workers, all outlining what life has been like throughout lockdown. They have been penned by students at Tameside College, written as part of their GCSE English language course. They provide a fascinating reflection on life these past few months throughout the pandemic, are both personal and moving, some uplifting, some tragic, all reflecting on times now familiar to us all. You can also read them all on pages 24 to 27 of the 16 July edition of the Tameside Reporter, which you can read online for free by clicking here


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