Road ban for drug driver from Ashton over the limit

A drug driver has been banned from driving for 18 months after being found to be just under twice the legal limit for cannabis and three-and-a-half times over the limit for cocaine. 

Robert Donnelly, of Ladbrooke Road in Ashton, pleaded guilty at Minshull Street Crown Court in Manchester on Monday (June 29) to drug driving. 

He was also ordered to spend 14 days in prison or pay £230 in fines. 

It's in relation to an incident on September 21 last year when he made off from police at high speed but was eventually stopped and tested at the side of the road. 

PC Martin Jones, of Greater Manchester Police's Tameside North and East team, said: "Whilst on patrol, I spotted a vehicle of interest that made off from me earlier in the shift.

"On turning my vehicle around, the driver Robert decided he didn't want to speak with me and again made off at speed. After following them briefly Robert and his passengers decided to abandon the vehicle and make off on foot.

"All his passengers got out and ran off but fortunately for me, Robert managed to somehow entangle himself in his seatbelt as he was trying ever so hard to get out of the vehicle. He was quickly detained.

"He was tested at the side of the road on a road side drug wipe which indicated he had drugs in his system.

"After a sample of blood was taken from Robert in custody and being sent off for analysis, it transpired he was in fact over the drug drive limit - just under twice the legal limit of cannabis and three and a half times over for Cocaine." 

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