Rev David Warner column: We must never take life for granted again

"Each and every time I sit down outside a cafe or visit a business, I make a little time to say thank you," says the Vicar of Mossley in his latest column.

We were lucky enough to enjoy a few days away last week - we’d booked the holiday many months ago, and good fortune meant it could go ahead because of the timing of the regulation changes. 

It was so good to have different surroundings, and above all to do things we haven’t done for months - like enjoying a drink outside a cafe or pub, and seeing family again face to face.

Though things are still far from ‘normal’ there is a sense, with warmer brighter days and the astonishing success of the vaccination programme, that we are on the road to things reopening and staying open again. 

I have even enjoyed a little actual shopping (which shows how bad the isolation of restrictions must have been for me!). 

It’s been great to visit local businesses and see people open again. A particular regular favourite of mine, both for the people there and the goods on sale is Emmaus Mossley - a place which has transformed itself physically during lockdown, and which continues to renew and restore so many lives while serving our wider community in so many ways.

Each and every time I sit down outside a cafe or visit a business, I make a little time to say thank you - to the staff working hard to welcome people and serve them, but most importantly for the sheer joy of being able to sit there and do something fun, to recharge the batteries and do ‘normal’ stuff. 

We all took it for granted before - let’s never do that again. 

Life is precious. 

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