Rev David Warner column: Not quite the half-term we might have hoped for

In the Vicar of Mossley's latest Reporter column, Reverend David Warner delivers an important message amid this difficult period we're all experiencing.

This half-term hasn’t, of course, been what it could have been - hopefully there has been space for a rest, even though so many of our children are currently being schooled at home, and there are very few places open to go to at the moment - regardless, I hope you’ve had a good week.

We’re all awaiting the announcements from the Government about the next steps for our country, to be made on February 22. 

There’s so much to balance, not least the reality that every freedom is a trade-off with a potential increase in illness and pain. 

We all hope for more freedom soon, and it looks as if that will soon be possible thanks to the truly astonishing efforts to vaccinate enormous numbers of people. 

We know we’re going to have to get used to dealing with this illness for years to come, and a small, quick injection, the result of so much work and scientific achievement, is a small price to pay.

As we await the new changes, let’s stick together: and as we prepare for the next part of the journey, here’s a cheer for each and every one of us - key workers, home schoolers, small business owners, children, retired folk, emergency service, care and NHS staff, those who are worried, those afraid for what happens next, those who can’t wait for freedom and a night out, those who can’t wait to see relatives and friends again. 

To each and to all: keep calm, keep going, we’ll get through this together!

Reverend David Warner

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