Rev David Warner column: Easter lessons of courage, passion and endurance

"We give thanks for all the people whose courage, passion and endurance changes things for the better," writes the Vicar of Mossley, Reverend David Warner, in his latest column.

We’re getting closer to Easter, and this Sunday is known as Passion Sunday - in this case, the word passion is used with the Latin meaning: suffering or endurance. 

As we draw closer to remembering Jesus’ last days, we recall his enduring the tests and pains put on him, and his suffering on Good Friday.

Passion is a word that brings thoughts of love: fierce love that drives people to do extraordinary things they probably wouldn’t imagine themselves capable of. 

Sunday, March 21, is also national census day - a day not just to provide information about our households for the sake of history, but also a day to stand up and be counted for the good of our national community - it’s an opportunity to say ‘this is me.’

On March 23 we mark a year since the first lockdown began - a year since our world changed, probably forever.

Speaking personally, I hope that I will never again take for granted my freedom, particularly when the fullness of that freedom is restored in the days ahead.

As we move towards the celebration of Easter, and as we provide information about ourselves and our households for the sake of everyone in this country, we hold before us those people and causes that we feel passionately about.

There has been much suffering in these days, and there is still much to endure, but the example Jesus and many others have given, above anything else, is that love wins. 

We give thanks for all the people whose courage, passion and endurance changes things for the better. 

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