Racist graffiti quickly removed by Denton community

The Denton community’s spirit shone through at the weekend when it sprung into action following horrific racist graffiti.

The defibrillator in Denton Civic Square was defaced at some point on Friday with racial slurs.

Within hours, a local resident, council workers, Denton MP Andrew Gwynne and wife Cllr Allison Gwynne had all showed up to help scrub it off.

Gwynne MP has now called on the council to check CCTV of the area to see if the perpetrator can be found.

His Facebook post on the incident attracted hundreds of comments and condemnations.

Gwynne MP told the Reporter: “I was utterly disgusted to see this vile racist graffiti daubed on the defibrillator in Denton’s Civic Square. This equipment is there to save lives; indeed it’s already done so.  It doesn’t discriminate and nor should we. 

“Whilst that action was utterly sickening, it was equally heartening to know others felt the same.  When Allison and I reached the square to remove the graffiti ourselves a local resident, Victoria Halsall, was already there doing it.  While we were chatting, Council staff came to do the same.  This is the real Denton… decent people doing decent things.  

“The square is covered by CCTV so hopefully the perpetrator of this sick hate crime can be identified.”

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