Police issue security advice

Police have issued advice and vowed to prioritise three areas around Longdendale after a spate of recent car thefts. 

Greater Manchester Police's Tameside South team say they have been made aware of a number of reports of personal robbery involving the theft or attempted theft of vehicles in Broadbottom, Mottram and Hattersley. 

They added that the victims have been both male and female and have occurred during daytime and into the evening. 

"Victims have been approached when parking up or returning to their vehicles and had keys and other valuables taken from them using force of the threat of force," a statement read. 

"In response to this, we have made these areas a priority in our Beat Plans and would like to offer some additional advice on the action you can take to help protect yourself from this kind of crime. This advice is intended for residents in all areas as we believe offenders may have the means to travel around if displaced from one area to another.

"We would always advocate a Safety First approach when dealing with potential confrontation. If the offenders are prepared to use violence in order to carry out these crimes, then we would always advise that property can be replaced but people can't." 

Police are urging drivers to implement a number of safety measures in order to protect themselves. 

They added: "Try to park in a well-lit area, if someone can walk you to your car or watch you from the door until you are safe in your car then please do so. The same goes for parking up and arriving although we appreciate this may be a little more difficult to get your timing right.

"Always be aware of your surroundings, it’s easy to be distracted especially if you are in a rush but have a look around before you approach your vehicle or unlock it to get out.

"Lock the door once you are in your vehicle and if anyone approaches you that you are not happy with drive away or sound your horn to attract attention of a passer-by that you are uneasy with something.

"Consider fitting additional security devices to your vehicle or if your vehicle is fitted with a tracker make sure your subscription is active and up to date. You can purchase fairly cheap keyring trackers to keep in your bag or around your vehicle that can be monitored from a mobile app remotely as a budget version of a tracker device." 

Police say any suspicious activity should be reported by ringing the non-emergency number 101 or on the online chat facility on the GMP website at https://www.gmp.police.uk/

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