Nostalgia: Flight fantastic

When schoolteacher Elizabeth Wilde decided to 'shop local' in 1984, she ended up with a bonus she never expected - a trip on Concorde over the Bay of Biscay.

Having bought a new Teletext TV from a store in Woodley Precinct, it was only when she had to arrange for a repair man to fix a slight fault that the manager reminded her of the competition she was eligible to enter.

Mrs Wilde, who taught part-time at Harehill Primary School, Hattersley, gave her details but then thought no more about it. 

Days later while browsing pages on Teletext, she was surprised to see her name pop up in the list of winners.

Her prize included a free flight from Manchester to Heathrow followed by a luxury trip on Concorde.

Also thrown in was champagne and caviar.


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