Firefighters attacked on Bonfire Night

Firefighters were attacked by youths as they responded to around 200 incidents across Greater Manchester during their busiest night of the year on Bonfire Night.

A group of around 40 yobs attacked firefighters in Hyde on Tuesday evening. 

Fire crews from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) were targeted by a huge gang of youths, as they attempted to put out a fire on Great Norbury Street at around 9.30pm. 

They were also subjected to an attack on Bolton Street in Oldham at around 8.30pm, when young people hurled fireworks at them as they tried to put out a fire in some charity bins. 

Fire chiefs branded these as 'unacceptable'. 

In a tweet, GMFRS said: "Firefighters work hard to keep people safe and attacks like these are NOT acceptable!" 

Elsewhere, there was an 8ft high bin fire in Rosedale Court in Denton and a bin was also set on fire near the library on Victoria Street.

Residents in Gorton also reported a group of teenagers throwing fireworks on Knutsford Road.

In total, crews attended around 200 incidents in the space of around five-and-a-half hours - between 5pm and 10.30pm. 

GMFRS said late on Tuesday night: "A huge thank you to all our crews and staff who will continue to work through the night. And thank you to everyone for your support on this busy evening." 

Earlier this week, experienced Watch Manager Paul Marston, 50, from GMFRS suffered burns after being hit by a firework as he and his crew tackled a bonfire. 

Tuesday night's attacks is likely to increase calls for fireworks to be banned from public sale, with a petition to Parliament already amassing more than 300,000 signatures. 

Images: Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service

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