Dukinfield woman bringing peace to the lives of locals

Natural soy candles on offer at Positively Calm.

A lady from Dukinfield has embarked on a journey to bring peace and serenity to the lives of locals.

After noticing how detrimental and negative social media can be, Georgia Whitehead found herself searching for positive accounts to soothe her overactive mind.

Inspired by these rare optimistic profiles, Georgia created her own Instagram page, Positively Calm, and has watched this innovative business expand beyond her imagination.

She began by posting photos of treetops and beautiful scenery, sharing these with her followers to give people a platform to see safe and empowering content. Georgia would also share uplifting affirmations and burning thoughts that she thought may improve the lives of others.

In the first lockdown last year, she struggled to find pleasure in her job and working from home away from her colleagues allowed her to realise that she had no reason to stay and feel miserable any longer.

In an attempt to salvage her happiness and engage in a business that she had immense passion for, Georgia handed in her notice.

“I had the idea that I could transition Positively Calm into a brand, selling products inspired by nature and with the purpose of spreading calm and peace with customers,” she says.

The 27-year-old entrepreneur settled on the idea of learning to create natural soy candles and attended a candle making workshop at Crafter’s Cottage in Holmfirth, while also practising often at home to perfect her craft and ensure that she was generating the highest quality candles.

In December she hand poured her first batch and to her much-appreciated surprise, they sold out within the first few hours, leaving her with numerous loyal customers who loved the products she was creating.

Since then, she has been ‘learning and improving’ with every batch she makes, considering customer’s feedback as well as her own testing.

“The overall feedback from the amazing people who have bought candles has been so positive. They really do seem to give people joy and plenty of calm moments, so I’m right on track.

“I’m learning so much every single day and I have big plans for Positively Calm in the future. I want to be able to bring as much peace, calm and empowerment to people’s lives as I possibly can,” she says.

Georgia has now created an Etsy shop with the hopes of reaching a wider audience and offers free delivery within Tameside, https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/positivelycalm

She is also proud to have a selection of her products available in Ocean Health and Wellbeing in Dukinfield.

Georgia is also continuing with her efforts to maintain her Instagram account, sharing delightful posts and offering her support to those who need it most, @positivelycalm_

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