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Dogs Trust Manchester goes the extra mile to give pups best start in life

Dogs Trust Manchester cares for around 80 dogs every day of the year at its Denton rehoming centre.

Every dog needs walks, play time, training, meals and sometimes medication and vet visits. 

But puppies require even more dedicated care and for Karen Phelan that often involves setting her alarm at two-hour intervals throughout the night to check on the pups and feed them.  

Karen, who has worked at Dogs Trust Manchester for two years, says she loves her sleep - but she doesn’t mind missing out if it benefits the pups. 

Karen says: “Sometimes we have litters born at the centre, sometimes pups come in just a day or so old, so it’s really important that we step in and help care for them. Sometimes they may be with their mum, but they often need some help to feed so we bottle feed them, and that’s why the alarm gets set, but I really don’t mind.” 

Since Karen joined the team she has cared for more than 60 puppies including Lurcher Crosses, Poodle Crosses, Chongqing pups which is a Chinese mastiff breed, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers. 

Karen says: “It’s an absolute privilege to care for them, and fun too. Trying to keep track of which puppies in a litter of twelve have been fed at three o’clock in the morning gets increasingly difficult once they find their paws and are climbing all over you, but I’m certainly not complaining. 

“As well as feeding them it’s really important that the puppies learn how to play, get used to being handled, have positive experiences going to the vet and basically getting them ready to meet their new owners. It’s wonderful to see them head off in the arms of their excited new families, knowing we have helped them have the best possible start to life.” 

Lisa Eardley, Manager at Dogs Trust Manchester, says: “Puppies or pregnant mums come to us for a variety of reasons, and we have a dedicated puppy suite so we can keep them safe and secure. The team are happy to do whatever it takes to support them and prepare them for going to their forever homes, even if that does mean repeatedly getting up during the night! 

“Luckily we have the expertise and experience at our fingertips with people like Karen, and we will go the extra mile for every dog in our care, from pups to pooch pensioners, to prepare them for the future they deserve.” 

Dogs Trust Manchester cares for dogs of all ages. To find out more about the dogs waiting for their forever homes please go to www.dogstrust.org.uk/manchester 

If you are considering welcoming a dog into your life, you can find out if you are ready by visiting https://www.dogstrust.org.uk/dog-advice/getting-dog.

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