Daisy Dewsnap: A psychological thriller that will have you gripped

Our regular columnist, secondary school student Daisy Dewsnap, reviews the movie Greta, which is showing now on Netflix...

Greta is a psychological thriller directed (and co-written) by Neil Jordan. 

The film is very fast paced so is able to hold your attention for the whole of its one hour 38 minute duration and the cinematography throughout is brilliant and so cleverly put together! 

It is a compelling and sinister story following the dangerous friendship which forms between two different people.

Chloe Moretz plays Frances, a young woman finding her feet in New York City, who comes across a handbag left on the subway. 

She immediately returns it to the owner, Greta, whom she is able to identify from the ID inside the bag. Having recently lost her mother prior to moving to the city, Frances becomes friends with Greta and the two are able to help one another fill the void of loneliness they each feel in their own lives. 

But when Greta’s behaviour becomes increasingly obsessive and strange, Frances must end their toxic friendship quickly before things get any more out of control. 

However, this will be anything but easy as she finds out more and more about Greta’s past. 

Isabelle Huppert gives such a convincing, strong performance in the role of Greta.

I absolutely loved this film and cannot recommend it enough! There was tension throughout, partnered with excellent acting and a very strong storyline. 

This is most definitely I film that you will get sucked into and, if you like anything riddled with suspense, this is for you!

You can watch Greta now on Netflix.


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