Councillor’s plea to stop walking dogs in Dukinfield cemetery

A local councillor is pleading for Tameside residents to stop walking their dogs in Dukinfield cemetery.

Cllr Brian Wild says he noticed an increase of dog fouling in the cemetery, despite multiple signs warning visitors they could be fined £1000 if they’re caught. He’s hoping to have larger signs installed at a later date.

“It’s about respect,” Cllr Wild said. “I’m asking people to show respect to the deceased and to those who are visiting the cemetery to pay their respects.

“How would you like it if you were visiting the grave of a loved one and there was dog dirt on or near the graves.”

Cllr Wild says he and Tameside Council’s Mike Gurney, who runs the cemetery, have received abuse when asking dog walkers to leave the cemetery.

He added: “Some leave them on the lead and some let them run free but dogs aren’t allowed in at all.”

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