A trip down memory lane inside The Concord Suite

Smile Project volunteers are continuing to unearth digitised versions of pictures from The Reporter archives and recent findings have included these pictures of The Concord Suite in its heyday...

Is the Concord Suite as sweet as it once was?

Opening in the early 1970s, the Concord Suite in Droylsden was built as a place for Droylsden Council. 

It was named from the town’s motto ‘Concordia’, meaning harmony. 

When the Suite first opened, it was loved by the community in Droylsden, though today people’s reactions are mixed.

INSIDE: Interior of the Suite, 1973.  

Some think it is a fine example of brutalist architecture, while others feel it is just a hi-rise eyesore which over the years has lost its initial charm.

These photographs are from the Reporter newspaper collection and show the Concord Suite when it first opened and also how it was used inside. We hope it will bring back pleasant memories of visits to various events.

Many events were held at the Concord Suite, including dances. 

CHEERS: The bar area in 1971.

Some of them were organised by Bob Dale, a local dance teacher. 

Friday nights were the best dance nights, and one of the Smile project volunteers used to take his girlfriend, who is now his wife, to one of the dances. You could also get meals at the restaurant and drink at the bar.  

The Greater Manchester Pension Fund was housed there before moving over the road to Guardsman Tony Downes House and election counts were among the council events held in the building.

HOME OF EVENTS: A flower arrangement demonstration in 1972. 

There were craft fairs, demonstrations and exhibitions, youth and community groups met there and a variety of shops were located in the precinct below.

There used to be a shop in the precinct called ‘Edna’s Send a Card’. In recent times the most popular shop is Greggs.

If you have any memories of visiting the Concord Suite and the shops in the precinct, The Smile Project would love to hear them and you can add you comments using the link on their website plus find out more at https://smiletameside.wordpress.com/ 

Interior: A shot showing the restaurant and dancefloor, 1971.  

Main image:

‘CONCORDIA’: The Concord Suite, Droylsden, 1977. 

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