Review: Stalybridge Snooker League

Here's what's been going on in the Stalybridge Snooker League recently.

The results  after 14 weeks showed  Hyde CC lead the snooker league on 38 points , followed by St Peters on 36 points and Denton CC on 35 points. In the whist League, St Peters , Denton CC and Mossley B are joint top sharing 16 points, with Hyde Club and Mossley A  just 2 points behind. It is very close at the half way stages of both leagues.

Week 15 saw Mossley A play Mossley B, Denton CC play Hyde CC and St Peters play Hyde Club. There were 3-2 wins for Mossley B and Hyde CC ,while St Peters won 4-1. There were also Whist League wins for Mossley A, St Peters and Denton CC.

The following week Staly Labour played St Peters, Hyde CC played Hyde Club and Denton CC played Mossley A. Staly Labour won 3-2 , Mossley A won 4-1 and Hyde CC went one better at 5-0. There was also a Whist League win for Denton CC.

Week 17 saw Mossley A play St Peters, Denton CC played Hyde Club, and Staly Labour played Mossley B. There were 3-2 wins for Mossley A and Mossley B, while Denton CC won 5-0. Mossley A also had a Whist League win.

Halfway through the third quarter of the league seasons, Hyde CC lead the Snooker League with 46 points closely followed by St Peters on 44 , Denton CC on 43 and Mossley A on 41. In the Whist League, Denton CC lead with 20 points, followed by St Peters and Mossley A on 18 points and Mossley B on 16 points. All very close. 

Week 18 saw Hyde Club play Mossley A, Staly Labour play Denton CC and Mossley B play Hyde CC and there were 3-2 wins for both Hyde teams and Denton CC. There were also Whist League wins for Mossley B and Hyde Club. Hyde CC now lead Denton CC by 3 points on 49 and in the Whist League Denton CC have 20 points and lead Mossley A, Mossley B and St Peters by only 2 points. Still very close.

By Ian Hopton

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