REVIEW: Stalybridge Snooker League

Here's what's been happening in the Stalybridge Snooker League recently.

At the end of the third week of matches, the league leaders in the Snooker League were Hyde CC, with 10 points and Denton CC and Mossley B are joint-leaders in the Whist League with 4 points. Both very close at this early stage.

Week 4 matches saw Hyde Club entertain Mossley A, Staly Labour play Denton CC and Mossley B play Hyde CC. In the snooker there were 4-1 wins for Mossley A and Staly Labour, while Hyde CC won 3-1. In the whist there was a win for Mossley A.

Week 5 saw Hyde CC play Staly Labour, St Peters entertain  Denton CC and Hyde Club play Mossley B. There were 3-2 wins Mossley B and Denton CC, while Hyde CC recorded a 5-0 victory in the snooker and wins for Hyde Club and Denton CC in the whist.

Week 6 saw Mossley A host St Peters, Denton CC host Hyde Club and Mossley B travel to Staly Labour. In the Snooker League there were 3-2 wins for St Peters and Staly Labour, while Denton recorded a 5-0 win. In the Whist League there was a win for Mossley A.

Week 7 saw Hyde Club play Staly Labour and Mossley B host St Peters.The other match sees the top two snooker teams , Hyde CC and Mossley A cross cues at Hyde.There was a 3-2 win for St Peters , 4-1 win for Hyde CC and a 5-0 win for Staly Labour. In the whist league there were wins for St Peters and Mossley A..

At the end of  these matches the first quarter of the league season has been completed and our snooker leaders are Hyde CC with  22 points and in the Whist League the leaders are  Mossley B, Mossley A and Denton CC, all on 6 points.

The league held its first management meeting of the 2019/20 season on 18th November at Hyde Conservative Club and all handicaps were reviewed in line with the new handicap system agreed at the meeting. New handicaps were issued and were effective from the following Thursday. Some whist matches were also looked at where no matches were played and the league awarded the appropriate points. These awards placed four clubs jointly at the top of the league, all with eight points. These were Mossley A, Mossley B, Hyde Club and Denton CC.

Week 8 matches saw Mossley B play Mossley A ,Hyde CC play Denton CC and Hyde Club play St Peters. In the Snooker League Mossley A won 4-1, Hyde CC won 3-2 and St Peters won 5-0. In the Whist League there were wins for Mossley B, St Peters  and Denton CC. These results mean that in the Snooker League Hyde CC lead St Peters by 4 points, having gained 25 points. In the Whist League Mossley B and Denton CC are joint top on 10 points, with 3 teams tied on 8 points

Week 9 saw St Peters play Staly labour, Hyde Club play Hyde CC and Mossley A play Denton CC.

By Ian Hopton


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