Oldham temporarily move to weekly bin collections

Oldham is moving to weekly bin collections temporarily during the Coronavirus outbreak.

This means from Monday 30 March: 

  • Only put out your grey bin by 7am on your usual collection day.
  • No other bins will be collected for the time being.
  • Temporarily you can now put all of your waste materials - including food and recyclable materials - into your grey rubbish bin.
  • Side waste will not be picked up.
  • If your grey bin is not emptied, take it back into your property and put it back out the following week on your usual collection day.

The council say: "In these unprecedented times, we are taking this step so we can maintain collections with reduced numbers of staff and also to ensure that waste is collected from homes on a regular basis.

"We ask for your support in this difficult time and once the crisis has ended we will revert back to our three weekly collections cycle as we recognise that recycling and cutting waste is important both for the environment and reducing our costs."

Councillor Sean Fielding, Leader of Oldham Council, said: “This is a fast-moving situation so we are having to react constantly and review where we are.

“This temporary change will allow us to prioritise general waste and food collections, which must come first at this time to help keep our streets clean.

“Please only put your grey bin out on your usual collection day and also help spread the word about the temporary change as that will makes things easier for everyone.

“Please also look out for your neighbours and check that they are able to put the right bin out.

“Our staff, and those of partner organisations, are working hard, mucking in and doing a brilliant job – they are supporting our communities and are working in very difficult circumstances. We thank you for all your offers of support and are asking for your help again in keeping our borough clean.”

Arkwright Street Household Waste Recycling Centre, and the other sites across the area, have been closed by Recycle for Greater Manchester following the government announcement that people should stay at home.

Further updates will be posted via www.oldham.gov.uk/coronavirus.


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