Historic gas lamps restored to former glory

Gas lamps, which have been described as an "integral part" of Saddleworth's history, have received a much-needed makeover. 

Earlier this year, an old gas lamp on Sandbed Lane in Delph - which had become rusty and decayed - was reported to two Saddleworth parish councillors by resident Helen Mayall, who recalled that in her childhood it had always been well looked after. 

Councillors Max Woodvine and Luke Lancaster got in touch with the Oldham and Rochdale Street Lighting team.

As a result, the gas lamp - as well as several others across Saddleworth - have had some maintenance work done to spruce them up. 

This was much to the delight of Mrs Mayall, who said: "I used to ride my bike and go for walks along Sandbed where the gas lamp stands. It lit my path on cold unforgiving winter mornings while delivering newspapers. It was like an old friend. 

"I still pass my old friend regularly but in recent years I noticed that it had been permanently lit and had started to rust - looking unloved and in danger of rusting away. 

"We should look after our heritage so I decided to contact my councillors to see what could be done to save it, before it was too late. Luke and Max organised its makeover within weeks. I was delighted! They not only got the lamp on Sandbed fixed but found others and sorted those out too. Hopefully the lamps will go on for a few more years now." 

Cllr Lancaster (pictured) added: "Our local heritage in Saddleworth is very rich and every effort ought to be made to keep the history of our villages alive. These lamps are an integral part of our history, and I’d like to thank the specialist team for their work in preserving them." 


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