Vandals strike at Bankswood Park

Vandals have 'trashed' an area of Bankswood Park in Hadfield where volunteers have planted hundreds of saplings.

During the winter lockdown, a small team of volunteers spent hours of their time planting around 400 saplings as part of their efforts to improve biodiversity and create something for further generations to enjoy.

Adele Metcalfe said: “The other night someone ran amok through the main planting knocking everything over, they ripped up canes and smashed tree guards.

“Basically, they have trashed what we have done.”

After the Be Wild group created a wildflower meadow, a successful application was made to the Woodland Trust for trees, which were delivered last autumn and planted over the winter.

“They arrived unfortunately just at the start of the winter lockdown last year,” explained Adele.

This meant the group's plans to involve more of the local community in the planting were curtailed.

“We had to do it on our own, three or four people over winter going out and planting these trees.

“When lockdown eased, we had a few trees left. We have got a little lad of 5 and some of his friends and their mums and dads helped plant the last little bit.”

Adele said: “It is so frustrating. A handful of us have done so much. People have just trashed it.

“It has made me not want to do anything now.

“When you plant a tree, you don’t plant it for yourself you plant it for the benefit of the younger generations.”

Since the vandalism was discovered on Friday a couple of the volunteers have been back to the site to inspect the damage. They spent time re-staking the saplings. As they are such young trees the hope is that most will survive.

Glossop Police Safer Neighbourhood Team have been informed about the damage.

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