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Telecommunications mast given green light in Gamesley

Image credit: Anthony Mckeown.

A new 18-metre-high communications mast is to be installed in Gamesley as part of the 5G roll-out. 

Members of High Peak Borough Council’s Development Control Committee were asked to consider the proposal at their meeting on Monday (8 November). 

Cllr Alan Barrow said he was happy to follow the recommendation if the suggestion in the report was followed for the colour of the mast to change. 

He said: “A dark green mast would be better than a galvanised grey one.” 

The mast, wrap around cabinet and associated works will be built on land between the footpath and the road at the corner of Castleton Crescent, Melandra Castle Road and Glossop Road.  

Three letters of objection had been received raising safety concerns over having a mast so close to homes as well as it being an eyesore and the pollution and environmental impact it would have. 

Applicant CK Hutchison Networks (UK) Ltd in supporting documents had stated there were limited options for siting the new mast and this was the only viable site. 

Not all councillors agreed with the recommendation.   

Councillor Lance Dowson said: “I find it hard to believe they couldn’t find somewhere else that was less obnoxious.” 

He said: “The 55ft high tower is not far from people’s homes.” Adding that he couldn’t support it. 

The Planning officer explained to members that the type of application meant they could not take issue with the mast in principle and could only decide if the design and site was acceptable. 

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