Residents called on to support care leavers

Derbyshire County Council is looking for 'caring residents' to help young people leaving care achieve their full potential.

The council has set up a supported lodgings scheme which helps 16 to 21-year-olds become fully independent.

It’s aimed at those who need a range of support and guidance from an adult they can trust.

Cabinet Member for young people, Cllr Alex Dale, said: “As a supported lodgings provider you will be helping a young person on their path to independence by providing a loving and caring environment for them to grow.

“Moving into the adult world can be a challenging time for our care leavers, you will be helping them to feel safe while offering emotional support and a stability in their lives.”

Supported lodgings providers don’t need any special qualifications, they just need a spare room.

Providers get guidance and support from a local Supported Lodgings Coordinator, relevant training and a competitive package of financial support.

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