Police step up action to tackle 'inconsiderate drivers'

Police have been stepping up actions to help tackle the long-term anti-social behaviour problems in the Pavilion Gardens area of Buxton. 

Buxton Police's Safer Neighbourhood Team say they have been working hard in conjunction with High Peak Borough Council to deal with the issue, particularly from vehicles who frequently use the Pavilion Gardens car park. 

Signs have been put up, warning motorists who "drive in an anti-social manner" that they could be prosecuted "should they be committing any offences" in the area. 

Police said: "The revving of engines, wheel spinning and driving in an inconsiderate manner has been a cause for serious concern for residents around the park, members of the public visiting the park and businesses surrounding the park and the vehicle users themselves as it puts them and others at risk should their driving lead to accidents.

"We are looking to other partners to assist and take positive action with the problem and hope to come together to solve the problem in the long term." 

Anyone who has concerns or issues relating to vehicles and their anti-social use should get in touch via the Derbyshire Police website at https://www.derbyshire.police.uk/contactus, call 101 or send a message to the Buxton Police SNT Facebook page.

Images: Buxton Police SNT

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