Off-road drivers pay for damage caused to farmer's land

Off-road drivers who caused damage to a farmer's private land in the High Peak were forced to pay for it.

It follows a criminal damage investigation by Buxton Police's Safer Neighbourhood Team, who received a report that a couple of off-road vehicles had driven onto the land in Whaley Bridge and, after getting stuck, had torn up the grass in a field. 

Police have described the drivers' behaviour as "reckless" and are warning people who enjoy off-roading of the consequences of their actions. 

Officers explained in a Facebook post: "Unfortunately for the drivers they couldn’t get off the field quick enough as the farmer managed to get the vehicle registration details.

"Following up on enquiries, we identified the drivers who have subsequently paid for the damage they caused. Although the damage to the field was not intentional, it is still reckless behaviour by the drivers. 

"Tearing up grass in a farmers field may not seem like the biggest crime of the century, however it still leaves our farmers/land owners out of pocket due to having to pay for products to get the grass back to a good condition, and is a lengthy process. This is something for people who enjoy off-roading to be mindful of."

They added: "Also remember we are still in the middle of a pandemic! So non-essential travel isn’t allowed. This includes coming over to our area for off-roading!" 

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