Nice touch to celebrate Whaley Bridge dam recovery

Whaley Bridge could soon be filled with 'rivers of flowers' as residents look to spread positivity following last month's Toddbrook Reservoir dam incident.

Locals, inspired by other UK towns, are teaming up with the Acclimatise Whaley transition group in a bid to brighten up roadside verges in the area by planting wildflowers. 

The project, which is being sponsored by wildflower seed producer Seedball, will celebrate the recovery of the dam, which saw more than 1,500 people evacuated from the town at the start of August over fears the dam could collapse and threaten the lives of residents.

Ann Sheehy, co-founder of Acclimatise Whaley, said: “As part of our vision we want to encourage more biodiversity in and around our town, and while we’re at it, create more beautiful places.

"Let’s not always depend on the council to do this type of thing for us."

To get involved, email or visit the Acclimatise Whaley Facebook page. 

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