Gamesley school stepping out for charity

A team from St Margaret's School in Gamesley is more than 'one in a million'.

In fact it’s more than one in three million!

For that's the total number of steps that eight staff members did to raise money for a Breast Cancer fund.

At the start of October the charity was challenging people to clock up 400,000 steps during the month.

St Margaret’s accepted the challenge, with mid-day supervisor Sue Harrison turning out to be a real super-stepper.

Chloe Sammarco hands Sue Harrison a ‘well done’ bouquet 

The school’s Chloe Sammarco said: “It’s finally over and it’s been such fun for all of us, although very wet walking. 

“We needed to walk 3,200,000 steps between us and we completed an amazing 3,211,485 steps!! 

“Sue completely out walked the rest of us, doing  511,700 steps on her own! Thanks to everyone for supporting us and without you we couldn’t have raised £1,010.”


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