Daughter's troubles inspire Glossop author's latest book

A Glossop author, whose daily blog helped to save her alcoholic drug-taking daughter’s life, turned those online thoughts into a book.

Now, Lesley Sefton is in print again, this time with a psychological novel called ‘Apportion Blame’.

It’s as different as it can be to the 64-year-old’s first book ‘Addict Child - A Mother’s Journey’  which told daughter Laura’s real story.

She was 25 and her life was spiralling out of control. 

Looking back, Lesley said: “I wrote a blog a few years ago posting daily on the journey I was forced to take alongside my alcoholic drug abusing daughter. 

“It helped to save her life. Laura became aware that she didn’t have to fight this addiction alone or in the face of stigma and she began to repair her life.

“She realised that a lot of people loved her. Laura encouraged me to write the book so it would help others suffering.”

A former nurse at Shire Hill Hospital, Laura (pictured below) is now six years in recovery, happily in her new relationship.

The mum and daughter’s journey is helping  and informing others grieving a similar path of addiction.

In ‘Apportion Blame’, three people are involved in the accidental death of a young girl in the lane where they live – a law student, a mechanic with a passion for gaming and a clerical worker. But who is to blame for the death and who will pay the price? The death of the girl and cover-up that ensues disrupts the lives of the neighbours on Priory Lane. 

While some reach for love and truth, others weave a web of manipulation and lies. 

In Apportion Blame, Lesley interlaces a tale of the hidden depths of suburban life as a cast of memorable characters face loss, desire and the yearning for atonement.

Redemption comes at a cost, but will the guilty pay that cost? 

Apportion Blame is available on Amazon in paperback and e-book. For information, visit http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0811QHJZP.  


Main image:

Glossop author Lesley Sefton with her two books. 


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