Police: Only call us as a last resort to enforce Covid-19 rules

Derbyshire police say demands on the service have now returned to pre Covid-19 levels, but people should only consider calling the force as a last resort in a bid to limit the spread of coronavirus. 

New government rules around social gatherings came into force on Monday and apply in the High Peak. 

The new law states that when meeting with people you do not live with either indoors or outdoors, you must NOT meet in a group of more than six. 

A police chief has said that officers will continue to "engage, explain and encourage" to ensure the newly-introduced regulations are followed and police will "play their part" in a "shared effort" to prevent the spread of Covid-19 throughout the county. 

Chief Inspector Becky Webster, who is in charge of the policing response to Covid-19 at Derbyshire Constabulary, said: "I'd really like to stress that preventing the spread of the virus is a shared effort and police will play their part alongside the Government, local businesses, hospitality owners, local authorities and others.

"We know that the vast majority of our communities have followed the restrictions so far and have made personal sacrifices to do so, in order to keep themselves, their families and friends safe. I’d like to thank the public for their efforts so far and urge people to continue taking the regulations seriously so that we can all protect ourselves and others.

"Officers will continue to be out in our communities engaging, explaining and encouraging people to follow the new regulations and they will have the power to disperse groups of more than six people.

"For those who break the rules and refuse to comply, officers can issue fines. However, we are now in a situation where the demands on the police service have returned to pre-COVID levels.

"As such I would encourage everyone to play their part and take personal responsibility for following the rules, and only consider contacting police as a last resort, as we must work together to prevent the spread of this virus." 

The government has also compiled a frequently asked questions page on their website, which outlines the exemptions to the rule of six. 


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