Plea from Derbyshire leaders for visitors to 'respect our communities'

Derbyshire's leaders have issued a joint message to ask visitors to respect local communities in the county ahead of the bank holiday weekend - and consider coming back later in the year instead.

The statement has been issued by the county's councils, health, police and fire chiefs amid concerns that the county could be overwhelmed with visitors over the extended weekend. 

Last weekend, scores of people were seen gathering at the county's beauty spots.

Photos of people flocking to Derbyshire hotspots such as Matlock Bath and Dovedale were shared on social media. But no fines linked to Covid-19 breaches were issued by Derbyshire police

The statement in full reads:

"As Derbyshire leaders we are joining together to ask visitors to respect local communities this coming bank holiday weekend and to consider if they could come later in the year instead.

"Many local people were left feeling vulnerable and at risk following large numbers visiting the Peak District and other parts of Derbyshire last weekend.

"Our message is clear – please respect our communities and please put off your visit until later in the year when Derbyshire will be fully open for business and will be able to welcome you properly.  

"If visitors are coming to Derbyshire to exercise, then they need to be aware that public toilets are still expected to be closed and - like the rest of the country - pubs, restaurants and cafes are also closed.

"Visitors need to use some common sense, particularly when in areas where social distancing can be difficult.

"In many parts of Derbyshire, particularly rural villages, social distancing is difficult with large numbers of visitors. Matlock Bath was one village reporting large numbers of visitors last weekend, making social distancing extremely difficult.

"In some parts of the county car parking is limited. Areas around Ladybower reservoir have very limited parking as the roads closest are mainly clearways which mean no stopping at all, and the local visitors centre and car park run by Severn Trent won’t open until early June.

"Parking is being enforced, and those parking on a clearway or double yellow lines can expect a parking ticket. These areas need to be kept free so that emergency vehicles can get through when they need to. Visitors are also asked not to park on pavements and not block gates.

"Parks are also expected to be busy, including Elvaston Country Park and Markeaton Park in Derby. Visitors are asked to remember social distancing and to take their litter home.

"Derbyshire is a beautiful county and we understand people’s desire to visit, but a visit later in the year will help protect our local communities and give you the full Derbyshire experience. We look forward to welcoming you then." 



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