Pandemic halts annual visit to Glossop

This year is the 25th anniversary of Glossop-based Chernobyl Children's Project and the charity had hoped it would be a year of celebration.

But due to the coronavirus pandemic, it will be the first year ever that children have not travelled from Belarus for recuperative holidays in the High Peak.

In February the Belarus government announced that none of its children would be allowed to travel abroad and  to the charity’s director Linda Walker it  soon became obvious that Covid-19  would make a holiday impossible this year.

The children who come to the UK are particularly vulnerable as they are all in remission from cancer, so the charity is just hoping it will be safe enough to bring them again next summer. 

Linda, who lives in Glossop, said: “We still have much work to do in Belarus where we have a home  hospice team and family homes for young people with disabilities. 

“We need to keep raising funds for these projects and we have been delighted to have generous support from some of our Glossopdale host families for this.

“All the children and young people the charity supports have health problems which would make them very vulnerable to Covid-19, which is now spreading in Belarus, despite the denials by President Lukashenko, who says vodka and saunas will keep it at bay.” 

Like all charities, Chernobyl Children’s Project is finding fundraising difficult because all their events have been cancelled and their charity shop is closed.

It has been running fundraisers on Facebook and its website and the next one planned is an online auction. 

If any local businesses or individuals would like to donate items which could easily be posted out to buyers, please contact Helena Gannon on 07547 191980. To find out more visit the charity’s website 

Images are visitors from Chernobyl holiday in Glossop a couple of years ago.


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