Helpline for people self-isolating who need support

Tameside Council and Tameside and Glossop NHS Clinical Commissioning Group have launched a helpline for people in need of support as a result of social distancing and self-isolation measures being taken to limit the spread of coronavirus.

The number to ring is 0161 342 8355

The organisation is asking that, wherever possiblelocal community do their bit to help those in need - whether that be supporting local community groups and vulnerable people during the crisis, or offering more informal help such as shopping and picking up medical supplies for older and self-isolating neighbours.

For those who remain vulnerable, are unable to secure support from their families or local community, or who have higher level needs as a result of social isolation, the council helpline is available on 0161 342 8355.

For those wishing to volunteer to support the community, Action Together have launched a website and volunteer portal.

You can access this here:

For the latest information on the local response to the coronavirus, local services and public health advice, you can visit

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